An Overview of the Koukyo Network Association

Koukyo Network Association

Through the promotion of cooperation between individuals involved in industry, government, academia, and other specialist professions, the Koukyo Network Association (KNA) conducts research and other activities related to domestic and overseas issues of public concern, risk management, earthquake disaster reconstruction and so forth from the viewpoint of maintaining security and social stability.

The KNA consists of an independent network formed between national government and local authorities, and membership is comprised of specialist professionals and researchers, including current and former government officials, lawyers, patent attorneys, certified administrative procedures legal specialists, judicial scriveners, certified tax accountants, certified social insurance labor consultants, land and building inspectors, and real estate appraisers.

Purpose and Activities
Japan’s high levels of social stability and public order have long been considered a national asset. In the wake of the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami disaster, it must be determined how this stability can be maintained into the future.
Building on the results of disaster prevention activities developed after the Great Hanshin Earthquake (1995), the Koukyo Network Association was established in December 2011 through coordination between industry, academia, government and other specialist professions to conduct studies on various issues of public concern both domestically and internationally, risk management, and earthquake disaster reconstruction from a social stability and safety perspective, in addition to the collation, organization, and analysis of information related to these areas. It disseminates the results of its findings and proposes policy in order to contribute to Japan’s social stability and public order through the following means:

  1. Conducting research concerning public affairs, risk management, and post disaster recovery.
  2. Collection, organization, and analysis of information regarding public affairs, risk management, and post disaster recovery.
  3. Dissemination of outcomes, policy advocacy, etc., related to the above.
  4. Conducting events, campaigns, symposiums, etc., related to public affairs, risk management, and post disaster recovery.
  5. Establishment and operation of body to implement alternative dispute resolution mechanisms related to public affairs, risk management, and post disaster recovery, in addition to conducting research and promotion of matters related to alternative dispute resolution.
  6. Collaborating and conducting exchanges between research institutions in Japan and overseas.
  7. All business incidental or related to the business listed in the preceding items.

Committee Activity

  • Crime/Disaster Prevention Committee: Conducts activities based on themes of crime/disaster prevention.
    – Risk Management Seminar
    – Promotion of collaborative research with the Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University
  • Specialist Professional Network Committee: Manages the Public Law Practice Association and oversees various alliances and cooperative activities.
  • Overseas Posting Information Center (Formerly: International Exchange Committee)
    Through tie-ups between international agencies, foreign embassies in Japan, and overseas universities and research institutes, conducts seminars and overseas inspection tours.
  •  Japan Athlete’s Club: Promotes international exchange through sport.
  •  As a continuation of the activities of the Kasuikai Club (Research Institute of Kasuikai), conduct study groups that focus on domestic and international affairs.

Membership Fees

  • Regular Member Corporation/Group: 60,000 yen/year
  • Regular Member Individual: 10,000 yen/year
  • Supporting Member Corporation/Group: 120,000 yen/year
  • Supporting Member Individual: 20,000 yen/year

1. All members may participate in any of the various meetings organized under the auspices of the KNA.
2. In certain cases, membership fees may be collected separately by individual committees.
3. A maximum of two names may be registered under a Supporting Member (Corporation/Group) membership.

Public Law Practice Association

The Koukyo Network Association acts as the secretariat for the Daini Tokyo Bar Association/Public Law Practice Association (PLAWPA) and holds monthly workshops on judicial precedents and various other seminars for professional services specialists, researchers, and businesspeople.

We look forward to your participation!

List of Association Officers
April 1, 2017 – March 31, 2018


Mr. Takeshi Noda                   Vice President, Nuclear Damage Compensation and Decommissioning Facilitation Corporation/Fmr. Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary for Crisis Management/Fmr. Superintendent General/Fmr. Chairman, Council for Public Policy



Mr. Shigeru Sumitani         Fmr. Vice-Minister, Ministry of the Environment/Chairman of the Board of Directors, Social Welfare Organization Saiseikai Imperial Gift Foundation, Inc.


Chief Director   

Ms. Tomoko Izawa


Executive Directors

Mr. Hirotake Omi                Fmr. Chief Cabinet Secretary for Crisis Management/Fmr. Director, National and Regional Planning Bureau/Lawyer/ Chairman of the Board of Directors, JS Corporation

Mr. Tetsuya Nishikawa         Fmr. Assistant Chief Cabinet Secretary/Lawyer

Mr. Tokumitsu Murakami    Fmr. President, National Police Academy/Fmr. Ambassador to Lebanon


Mr. Kazuo Asakai                    Fmr. Ambassador to Myanmar/Fmr. Ambassdor to the EU/Fmr. Chairman, Kasumigasekikai

Mr. Nobuaki Ando                  Chief, Federation of Shiho-Shoshi Lawyer’s Associations Reseach Institute/Fmr. Executive Director, Japan Federation of Shiho-Shoshi Lawyer’s Associations/Judicial Scrivener

Mr. Hiromi Ishikawa             Executive Director, Japan Medical Association

Mr. Fumitaka Ihara                Managing Director, Japan Federation of Labor and Social Security Attorney’s Associations/Fmr. Executive Director, National Public Service Ethics Board

Mr. Kenichi Ogasawara          Fmr. Director, Japan Organization for Land Acquisition and Compensation/Fmr. Director, Honshu-Shikoku Bridge Authority

Mr. Toshiaki Kitazato            Fmr. Deputy Director-General, Cabinet Office Disaster Prevention/Fmr. Vice-Commissioner of the Fire and Disaster Management Agency/Lawyer, Kitazato Toshiaki Law Office

Mr. Norikazu Koyama           Senior Director, Council for Public Policy Public Interest Incorporated Foundation/

Fmr. Chief, Aichi Prefectural Police Headquarters/Fmr. Director General, Kanto Regional Police Bureau

Mr. Tomoyuki Suzuki            Fmr. Vice President, United Nations University/Professor Emeritus, Tokyo University/Fmr. Chairman, Central Environmental Council

Mr. Morikazu Takahashi       Fmr. Advisor, Sumitomo Life Insurance Company/ Fmr. Board Member and Executive Director, Japan Post/Fmr. Head of the Kyushu Regional Bureau of Postal Services Administration Office/Executive Officer, NTT DoCoMo, Inc.

Mr. Norimasa Tanaka            Fmr. Superintendent General, Osaka Prefectural Police/Chairman, Japan Crime Prevention Association

Mr. Yutaka Tsunezumi          Chairman, Tokyo Gyoseishoshi Lawyer Association

Mr. Kazuo Toda                      Chairman, Japan Gyoseishoshi Lawyer Association

Mr. Akiyasu Nakano               Lawyer/Fmr. Director-General, Disaster Recovery Support Organization

Mr. Hiroshi Nagano               Executive Director, The Engineering Academy of Japan/Adjunct Fellow, Japan Science and Technology Agency Center for Research and Development Strategy

Mr. Daisuke Fujita                  Director, National Mental Support Center for School Crisis, Osaka Kyoiku University

Mr. Keizaburo Hemmi          Fmr. Director-General, Kanto Regional Finance Bureau/Fmr. Director, Japan Housing Finance Agency/Director, Environmental Restoration and Conservation Agency

Mr. Hiroshi Nagano               Lawyer/Professor, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (Part time)

Mr. Itaru Yasui                        Honorary Vice President, United Nations University/Professor Emeritus, University of Tokyo/Fmr. Director, National Institute of Technology and Evaluation

Mr. Seibei Yamashita             Chairman, Public Law Practice Association/Professor, Kokugakuin University/Lawyer/Certified public tax accountant


Mr. Takaaki Okada                 Certified public tax accountant

Ms. Mitsuko Ishikawa           Lawyer

Special Advisor

Mr. Hideo Yamada                 Fmr. Chair, Koukyo Network Association/Fmr. Commissioner General, National Police Agency/Fmr. Director, Council for Public Policy

Mr. Masahito Kanetaka    Fmr. Commissioner General, National Police Agency


Mr. Yasushi Aoyama              Fmr. Vice Governor/Professor, Graduate School of Governance Studies, Meiji University

Mr. Yoshiaki Asano                 Fmr. Director, Ministry of the Environment Kyushu Regional Environment Office/Fmr. Director, Ministry of the Environment Hokkaido Regional Environment Office

Mr. Yukihiko Inoue                Fmr. Superintendent General/President, Japan Guide Dog Association/Commissioner, Japanese MMA Association

Mr. Shinichi Uematsu           Fmr. Superintendent, Osaka Prefectural Police Department/Director of Cabinet Intelligence/Fmr. Special Adviser, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

Mr. Tomoyuki Kakeshita      Fmr. Dean, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University

Mr. Iwao Kitahara                  Fmr. Director General of Defense Facilities Administration Agency/Fmr. Ambassador to East Timor

Mr. Susumu Takizawa           President, Japan Railway Technical Service/Fmr. Director General, Tokyo Regional                                                          Civil Aviation Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism/Fmr.                                       President, Japan Tourism Association

Mr. Norimasa Tanaka            Fmr. Superintendent General, Osaka Prefectural Police/Chairman, Japan Crime Prevention Association

Dr. Kenichi Nakagami          Professor, Ritsumeikan University/President, Japan CIRIEC/Representative, Gakkai Renkei/Disaster Response Project

Mr. Kusuki Nishioka              Director, Institute of Medical Science, Tokyo Medical University

Mr. Shoichiro Niwayama      Fmr. Vice President, Japan Federation of Bar Associations/ Fmr. Director General, Public Law Study Group, PLAWPA/Member, University of Tokyo Faculty of Law and Graduate Schools for Law and Politics Advisory Board

Mr. Haruo Hayashi                Professor, Disaster Prevention Research Institute, Kyoto University

Mr. Tomiaki Fukuda              Councilor, The Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games/Honorary Vice-President, United World Wrestling/President, Japan Wrestling Federation

Mr. Masayasu Miyabayashi Professor, Faculty of Risk and Crisis Management, Chiba Institute of Science/Fmr. Vice President, Chiba Institute of Science/Fmr. Director-General of the Science and Technology Promotion Bureau

Mr. Ryoichi Yamamoto         Fmr. Director, Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, University of                                                       Tokyo/Executive Committee Chairman, Eco-products International Fair

Mr. Toshiya Yukimura           Fmr. Vice-Chairman, Daini Tokyo Bar Association/Lawyer


Mr. Yasutaka Mizuno (Lawyer), Mr.Yasuyuki Maeda (Lawyer), Mr. Takuya Shishida (Lawyer), Mr. Nobuaki Ando (Judicial Scrivener), Mr. Takaaki Okada (Tax Accountant)

Japan Athlete’s Club Executive Office: Mr. Hiroshi Maeso (Lawyer), Mr. Yuki Miyachi (Lawyer)
Mutual Aid Section: (Takadanobaba Office) Mr. Kenichi Ogasawara (KNA Director)
Overseas Posting Information Center (Toranomon Office): Ms. Yukie Asano (Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist/ Director, Tokyo Gyoseishoshi Lawyer Association Minato Branch)
Osaka Branch: Mr. Takemitsu Okushita (Former staffer to Kiichi Miyazawa/Former secretary to Ichiro Aisawa/Former secretary to fmr. Osaka City Mayor Toru Hashimoto)

Future Plans
(Details to be announced on website as they are determined)  

  • Risk Management Seminar Subcommittee
  • Public Law Practice Association Law Study Group
  • Japan Athlete’s Club – Sports Exchange Event
  • Memorial Symposium for the Establishment of the Overseas Posting Information Center (Around October)

Study Group Record (Partial) 

Jul. 2011                 Disaster Response Seminar in Sendai

Nov. 2011 –

Jan. 2012                Disaster Response Seminar, Subcommittee (Venue: United Nations University/Tokyo Bar Association)

Oct. 2012                Roles and BCP of contractors in the event of a disaster (Venue: Tokyo Big Sight)

Mar. 2013               Disaster Response Seminar (Venue: Hosokaikan)

Jul. 2013                 Risk Management Seminar Open Symposium (Teleconference link: Osaka/Tokyo offices and Nakonoshima Center, Osaka University)

Principal lecturers: Dean of the Osaka University Graduate School of Engineering, Superintendent of Osaka Prefectural Police, etc.

Oct. 2013                Risk Management Seminar 2013 Tokyo (Venue: Tokyo Big Sight)

“National Resilience Plan” and disaster countermeasures for public transport

Risk Management Seminar 2013 Osaka (Venue: Intex Osaka)

“National Resilience Plan” and disaster countermeasures for public transport

Apr. 2014               Risk Management Seminar 2014 Tokyo ‘Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) Response Symposium’

Jun. 2014               Risk Management Seminar 2014 Osaka

(1) Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) Response Symposium, (2) Earthquake-resistant Structures, (3) Measures for High-Density Zones, etc.

Oct. 2014                Risk Management Seminar 2014 Tokyo Big Sight ‘BCP for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises’

Dec. 2014               Risk Management Seminar 2014 Yokohama ‘Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) Response Symposium’

Feb. 2015                International Exchange Committee/Kasuikai Club (formerly: Kasuikai) National Theater Backstage Tour

May 2015               Tokyo Risk Management Tour: Tokyo Metropolitan Fire Department (Courtesy visit to Department Chief’s office/Inspection tour), Metropolitan Police Department (Courtesy visit to Superintendent General’s office/Inspection tour); Speech by Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary for Crisis Management

May 2015               Risk Management Seminar 2015 – Tokyo Risk Management Tour

Jun. 2015               Risk Management Seminar 2015 Osaka

  • Kansai Airport Inspection Tour
  • ‘Police/Fire Department Response in Time of Major Urban Disaster’
  • Environmental Concerns

Oct. 2015                2nd Risk Management Seminar 2015 – Tokyo Risk Management Tour

Nov.2015                International Exchange Committee Tour

Jun. 2016 –

Mar. 2017             Risk Management Seminar (Osaka Preliminary Session/Plenary Session/Subcommittee)

Jun. 2017              Risk Management Seminar (Osaka Preliminary Session)

Sep. 2017              Risk Management Seminar (Subcommittee)

Reference: Past Co-sponsors/Sponsors/Organizations that have provided presenters, etc

United Nations University Institute of Advanced Studies; Council for Public Policy; Public Law Practice Association; Disaster Recovery Town Development Organization; Osaka University Graduate School of Engineering; Graduate School of Medicine, Osaka University; Japan Federation of Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialists Associations; Osaka Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialists Association; The Japan Crime Prevention Association; Japan Medical Association; All Japan Security Service Association; Jiji Press.

Cabinet Office; Director General for Disaster Management, Cabinet Office; National Police Agency; Financial Services Agency; Reconstruction Agency; Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications; Fire and Disaster Management Agency; Ministry of Justice; Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Ministry of Finance; National Tax Agency; Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology; Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare; Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries; Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry; Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism; Japan Tourism Agency; Japan Meteorological Agency; Ministry of the Environment; Ministry of Defense; Iwate Prefecture; Miyagi Prefecture; Fukushima Prefecture; National Governors’ Association; Japan Association of City Mayors; National Association of Towns and Villages; National Association of Chairpersons of City Councils; National Association of Chairpersons of City Councils; National Association Chairmen of Town and Village Assemblies; Metropolitan Tokyo Mayor’s Council; Japan Federation of Bar Associations; Daini Tokyo Bar Association; Tohoku Federation of Bar Associations; Japan Federation of Bar Associations; Japanese Institute of Certified Public Accountants; Japan Federation of Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialists Associations; Tokyo Gyoseishoshi Lawyer Association; Japan Federation of Certified Public Tax Accountants’ Associations; Japan Federation of Shiho-Shoshi Lawyer’s Associations; Japan Patent Attorneys Association; Japan Federation of Labor and Social Security Attorney’s Associations; Japan Federation of Land and House Investigators’ Associations; All Japan Real Estate Association; Japan Association of Real Estate Appraisers; Japan Federation of Architects & Building Engineers Associations; The Institute of Professional Engineers, Japan; Japan Firefighters Association; Public Interest Incorporated Association of Nationwide Disaster Prevention; Japanese Association of Building Mechanical and Electrical Engineers; Japan Association of Surveyors; The Life Insurance Association of Japan; The General Insurance Association of Japan; Japan Environment Association; Foreign Press Center Japan; National Federation of Real Estate Transaction Associations; All Japan Real Estate Association; Japan Federation of Construction Contractors; Associated General Contractors of Japan; Kensenren (Federation of Specialized Construction Contractors); Japan Building Owners and Managers Association; National Housing Industry Association; Condominium Management Companies Association; Japan Traffic Safety Association; Nihon Bus Association; Japan Trucking Association; Japan Federation of Hire-Taxi Associations; Japan Association for Logistics and Transport; Japan Association for Safety of Hazardous Materials; Consultative Body for Dangerous Goods Distribution in Japan; Japan Dangerous Goods Containers Association; Japan Dangerous Goods Warehouse Association; Japan Tank Terminal Association; Research Institute for Safety Engineering; Japan Travel and Tourism Association; Japan Association of Travel Agents; All Nippon Travel Agents Association; Japan Spa Association; Japan Guide Association; Japan Hotel Association; Japan Tourism Facilities Association; Japan Ryokan & Hotel Association; Japan Restaurant Association; All Japan Ryokan Hotel Association; East Nippon Expressway Company Limited; Central Nippon Expressway Company Limited.


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