Special Martial Arts Observation Program for Foreign Diplomats

Athelec 2 – Budō
Tōkyō Metropolitan Police Department Headquarters Dōjō
Jūdō / Kendo / Karate / Aikidō / Taiho-jutsu
Observation/Experience Tour

The Koukyo Network Association has established the Japan Athlete’s Club (‘Athelec’) to share information across the sporting world and promote international exchange and enhance safety awareness through the medium of sports with foreign missions in Japan, governmental agencies, the private sector, and foreign residents of Japan, and through these initiatives, promote the welfare and wellbeing of members and encourage mutual friendship.

We are happy to announce the second Japan Athlete’s Club event to be held on April 10, 2019 (Wednesday): Athelec 2 – Japanese Martial Arts: Jūdō, kendō, karate, aikidō and taiho-jutsu (‘arresting art’) Observation Tour for Diplomats held at the Tōkyō Metropolitan Police Department Headquarters.

This tour has been made possible through the special permission of the Tōkyō Metropolitan Police Department and represents a valuable opportunity to witness traditional Japanese martial arts at the dojo located at the Tōkyō Metropolitan Police Department Headquarters.

An Overview of the Koukyo Network Association

about Japan Athlete’s Club


Date/Time:April 10 (Wed) 12:00 – 16:45
Meeting place: Hōsōkaikan ‘Takasago-no-ma’ (1-1 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tōkyō)
Observation Tour: Tōkyō Metropolitan Police Department
Adress: 2-1-1 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tōkyō
Dispersal location: Main gate of the Metropolitan Police Department
Sponsor: Koukyo Network Association/Japan Athlete’s Club
Cooperation: Tōkyō Metropolitan Police Department
Participants: 30 (limited to foreign embassy officials based in Tōkyō)

Tōkyō Metropolitan Police Department HP

For an application,
visit https://goo.gl/forms/OtwGMK9GLPMOXL5l2

Download Application Form:Word file

Please be sure to use your embassy-issued/official email address as your contact address.If you are unable to apply via the website, please send the application form data to the following email address:

Japan Athlete’s Club Secretariat
*Please use Subject: “410 Athelec 2”

Application deadline:
April 1 (Monday). Please note that applications will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis; we will not be able to accept applications once the participant limit is reached.

Application requirements:

  1. Completed application form
    *Please ensure you include the contact details of a person who can speak Japanese.
  2.  Participant embassy/foreign mission calling card data (both sides)
    As the security at the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Headquarters is quite strict, we require this information in advance for identification purposes. If a participant does not have an official calling card (for example, the spouse of a participant), please attach the calling card of the representative that will be accompanying the participant, for example.
  3.  Receipt of participation fee bank transfer (please transfer fee under the participant’s name in katakana)

Bank deposit transfer account:
Mitsubishi-UFJ Bank, Yoyogi-uehara Branch (137) Ordinary deposit 0061785
社)公共ネットワーク機構   シャ)コウキョウネットワークキコウ 0061785
(Koukyo Network Association)

Participation confirmation
We will confirm participation with those who have applied (and who have paid participation fee) by April 2 (Tue).
* In the unfortunate event that there are no places on the tour left available, we will refund the lunch/drink fee.
* If unavoidable circumstances arise where participation is not possible, applications may be cancelled up to April 1 (Monday), and a full refund provided.
* Please note that we will be unable to provide refunds for cancellations received after the last day of March.

Lunch fee: 5,000 yen
* If lunch is not required, we will require only a 2,000 yen payment (drinks fee). Please make your way to the ‘Takasago-no-ma’ room by 12:30 on the day. This will be during a presentation by our speaker, and you will be directed to a seat where drinks will be available.

Languages: Japanese/English (consecutive interpretation available)

* Please send inquiries via email.
* Please allow one day for any replies to inquiries received in English.


Meet-up Reception: 11:30-12:00
Hōsōkaikan ‘Takasago-no-ma’
1-1 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tōkyō
12:00 Opening remarks
Message from the organizing committee:
Mr. Yukihiko Inoue
Hon. Chairman, Athelec/Fmr. Superintendent General, Tōkyō Metropolitan Police Department

Message from the organizing committee:
Mr. Masahito Kanetaka
Special Adviser, Koukyo Network Association/Fmr. Commissioner General of the National Police Agency

Guest speaker (pending)

12:10 Keynote speech (During lunchtime)
Topic: ‘Volleyball and Tanden’
Tanden (丹田) , short for Seika Tanden (臍下丹田) , is a point below the navel, meaning “movement from one’s center.”
Speaker: Mr. Toshiaki Yoshida
Currently Head Coach, Ageo Medics
V.League 1 volleyball team
Fmr. Head Coach, U.S. Women’s National Volleyball Team
12:40 Schedule overview
13:10 Hōsōkaikan to tokyō Metropolitan Police Department Headquarters
13:30 Courtesy visit:
(Limited to ambassadors/ministers)
Office of Mr. Masamitsu Miura, Superintendent General,
Tōkyō Metropolitan Police Department
Metropolitan Police Department Reference Room tour :
(For those other than Ambassadors/Ministers)
*Ambassadors/Ministers will meet with the rest of the group in the Reference Room after the visit to the Superintendent General’s office.
14:20 Video viewing: Introduction to the Tōkyō Metropolitan Police Department (Classroom)
14:40 Communication Command Center tour
15:00 Dojo 17F

  • Demonstration by Tokyo Metropolitan Police officers: Jūdō/Kendō/Aikidō/Karate
  • Taiho-jutsu
  • Demonstration by participants in jūdō, kendō, or karate
  • Budō experience: Participants are invited to wear kendō-gi or jūdō-gi (you may wear it over clothes) provided by the Tōkyō Metropolitan Police Dept. and experience these forms of budō themselves! Please inform us on the application form if you wish to borrow kendō-gi/jūdō-gi.
Dispersal 16:30 our ends
Closing remarks: Mr. Takeshi Noda,
Chairman, Koukyo Network Association
Approx. 16:40: Dispersal at Tōkyō Metropolitan Police HQ main gate

*Please note that schedule is liable to change due to exceptional circumstances.


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